If you want to become a full-fledged member of the basketball community, then terminology is the first thing you need to learn. You will encounter these words on any basketball court and with an opponent or teammate. Moreover, if you participate in professional tournaments, judges may also refer to you using melon terms. Therefore, in this article, we will teach you the vocabulary of any basketball competitor!

A shot in which a ball goes past without touching either the hoop or the backboard.

Passing the ball to his partner, after which he was able to earn a goal.

A rectangular surface, most often made of wood or fiberglass. Located behind the basket.

Box Out
The position of a competitor in which he is between his own basket and an opponent in order to block a shot.

A phrase commonly used by commentators or statistics staff. It briefly indicates that the basketball player was able to achieve two statistical results in double digits.

Double Dribble
A type of offense in which a basketball participant trickles the ball using both arms. It is besides possible for an athlete to stop dribbling and then resume it. In any of these cases, the referee takes the ball.

Fast Break
An easy plan in which the game begins with a guarding bounce and a quick pass to the center of the field. Thus, the player has a significant handicap and can get a very simple point.

Free Throw
The type of punishment after the violation. The team affected by the foul has the right to make one throw from the agreed line without any interference from the opponent.

Jump Ball
This is the start of any match when the referee tosses the ball into the air. At this time, two selected competitors from opposite teams must try to take impound of it before the opponent.

The Paint
A special part of the field reaches out from the centerline to the free-throw line. Athletes named it so due to the shade of this zone is different from the rest of the field.

The position of a competitor when he blocks the movement of the sweeper of the other team with his body. As a result, the other basketball player has a chance to take an unimpeded free-kick.

A technique in which a basketball player jumps as high as possible and “puts” the ball into the hoop.

A bad shot that just touches the net without touching the backboard or the rim of the hoop.

Learn these Helpful Terms!

These words are not a complete list of all the denominations that you may come across. However, if you manage to learn them all, you will be much closer to becoming a full-fledged member of the basketball family.