The world of sports competitions is full of diversity. This is especially true for basketball. Every year, several major championships are held, which attract famous athletes and plenty of fans from all over the world. In this article, we will tell you about the main tournaments in the world!

Man’s Basketball World Championship

The World Championship was created to determine the strongest national team. The governing body that oversees the tournament is FIBA. This organization held the first contest back in 1967 and awarded the winner with the Naismith Trophy. If we talk about the structure, then it is very similar to all the familiar World Cup football.

Women’s World Championship

In basketball, as in many other sports, women take an active part and show excellent results. Therefore, it is not surprising that the World Cup is also organized for women. It is logical to assume that all features are copied from the international men’s championship. However, it has a long and interesting history. The only difference is the venue – until 2014, the women’s tournament was held in another country.

Basketball Competition at the Olympics

The Olympic Games are the most global international sporting event. Each time they gather around them, millions of viewers and live fans. Basketball games are especially liked. National teams from most countries all over the globe also take part in this contest. The only difference is that the teams have to qualify. Moreover, both men’s and women’s competitions are held at the Olympiad at the same time, which adds even more interest!

Euro Basket Is a Global Tournament

The European Championship is one of the leading international competitions. It is also supervised by FIBA, which makes the championship as transparent and fair as possible. The tournament itself is held every four years in two stages. It is noteworthy that in early history, the championship was held in a round-robin system. 24 teams from the European continent take part.

American National Basketball Association

Separately, I would like to note the NBA. After all, this national league of North American countries has received a cult status. And although it’s hard to call it a full-fledged championship, the NBA still remains one of the favorite events for basketball fans!

Choose Your Favorite Event!

Basketball is a unique sport that is very interesting to watch. Any of the events attract enormous attention. Decide your favorite event! And enjoy the wonderful game of professional athletes!